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5 Top Best Cloud Mining Providers Bitcoin Altcoin

We will discuss best 5 cloud mining providers bitcoin and altcoin. Online earning is so easy if anyone gets in the right direction. One of them earning from bitcoin mining and should need to invest in hardware or cloud mining company. Most of the companies are a scam so people want to invest in online well-managed mining service.

What is bitcoin mining?

bitcoin mining is a procedure by which transactions and security are verified by miner which added to the public ledger and also know as the blockchain. Which is done by a specialized computer and miner get the reward if solve the math problem. Also in this way newly bitcoin is created.

Bitcoin mining is profitable:

Mining can be done with various coin such as BTC, monero, Z-cash etc the profit depends on costs like electricity and hardware. But online mining contract is simple you need to invest in hardware and pay the fees they will do mining instead of you. so you can calculate your mining earning. also, profit will depend on the bitcoin price. its very hassle to do setup and buying hardware so if you looking easy mining contract see the list of trusted mining website. can be done best investment in coti ico reviewed by our team. 

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5 Top Best Cloud Mining Providers Bitcoin and Altcoin:

  • Hashflare :

Hashflare bitcoin cloud mining service. It has various mining product such as Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, ZCASH, DASH with instant withdrawal service, Pool Allocation, Instant connect, Detailed statistics.

Our view: We have searched on the forum or online to see how hashflare is going and we have found some bad reviews. Some people have the negative view about cloud mining before investing any money into hashflare do research on google.

  • Genesis Mining:

Genesis Mining One of the largest cryptocurrency mining company. They offer to you bitcoin, litecoin, dash, ethereum, monero, zcash. Already hardware is running up for mining just select your favorite mining algorithm with no extra fees, one time buying the contract, immediately set up.

Our view: Genesis Mining is good they are not doing scam with people. We found most of the good review on the blog, forum by searching google but some of the people negative comment but most of the review or comments are good. More information search on or Reddit or google.

  • Hashing24:

Hashing24 bitcoin mining service they provide cheap price for the hash price with easy to mine just start within 5 minutes. They have two plan : (1) lifetime contract (2) 36 Months Contract Both products sold out now according to website information. Also, hashing24 provide auction tools existing customer sell the contract to a new user so its great tools.

Our view is: we don’t find any good review. Most of the people said ‘scam company’ but still they are paying their customer but the company does not have own hardware. Not recommended to invest.

  • Hashnest:

Hashnest is cloud mining platform. They provide service according to website, Cloud Mining, Stable 99% uptime, Flexible mining, Payout per each block found, profit payout.

View: Found on bitcointalk forum about the hashnet review and comment people are saying the company is legitimate no exposed scam yet. so take your decision before investing and more research.

  • Eobot:

Eobot is crypto exchange and cloud mining company. You can purchase mining contract of various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Golem, Dash, CureCoin, Zcash, Factom, STEEM, Ripple, Gridcoin, USD, Cardano, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin and much more coin. You can test the company investing 10 $ to get a result.

View: We found many good comment and review about eobot and people do not have a problem to withdraw money from eobot. You can test the company investing 10 $ to get your own result.


All mining company is not good but Those 5 companies are trusted and most community members are involved. Keep remember, profit must depend on the movement of crypto price. So any investment in mining. Do more research, Let us comment what do you think?

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