5 Article Submission Sites For Link Building 100% Boost Traffic

Those who do SEO, usually they have a list of article submission websites for link building, blog, forum, guest comment etc, despite, you have to explore the keyword related website, where you can submit an article and share your opinions with thousands of people. By this way, you will get lot of websites traffic and site authority will be enhanced well on google search results. Read some tips related to article submission websites then i will give the website list.

Why needed the quality article submission websites? (link building)

Google reflects quality backlink as a ranking signal for the search engine, the high authority article submission website can contribute a link juice ( a value refer from one page to another page), if you submit an article with your site link in the low-value website, google bot eyes and does not consent on search.

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Google has several bots, they modernize algorithm, you must turn into the right way, whenever google quality team append new guidelines. The last time, when they attached new quality guidelines for the backlink, most of the websites Google caught by the manual spam action.

But the question is now, why it happened?

Google wants to assist their users with better results when users look at specific questions, products, review. But some webmasters used to get the place on google search results using blackhat SEO techniques, by submitting their website link building Scheme in the article, blog post, pbn (private blog network).


When this situation was perceived, that good informative websites was not getting the rank well in Google search engine what users are seeing to get well-writing information.  5 Article Submission Sites For Link Building 100% Boost Traffic


Google omitted from their search engine, for those websites that were able to rank using different SEO techniques and tools. Also, they ensured to webmasters who are technically following google link-building guidelines. 

Before link building you should require to follow Google terms, you should be taken care of at where you are posting website link, this website is a high-authority?

If you are putting your own website link in the forum, article website, directory submission, blog comment without any experiment.

Trust me,

Your website will be penalized sure 99%. Google does not restrict only link building for getting rank. Also, make sure that you should keep eyes covering content quality.

How to improve rank using backlink?

Google prefers to mark the relevant backlink from the high-authority domain name. Backlinks boost website to rank well on the google search.

Always keep remembering, only generate high-quality backlinks and you don’t count the quantity of backlink. Because Google does not like too many backlinks.

Suppose, once you have submitted an article on with your website URL, I am sure, page or website automatically rank will be raised day by day.

You should need to use digital marketing tools to check backlink and audit your website.

However, you must submit an article in the high authority website that’s appropriate to your website content, for example, your website category is technology and you are promoting your website link on a food website, Google will decrease your website position for creating irrelevant content to your site, you should avoid this.

Before creating the link building you should follow these guides.

If you manipulate to increase your page rank using link building tools or article submission, Google may be supposed as a link scheme, which is directly opposite of the Google guideline.

Here is the list of the Google guidelines for your better understanding to submit an article.
  • Selling or buying backlink.
  • Using link building tools.
  • Link exchange.
  • Article marketing.
  • Many inbound links at a short time.
  • Low-quality site or article.
  • Comments with an optimized link.

You must avoid and always create a high-quality link.

Here are some advantages to making high-quality backlink.
  • Can be increased your website rank on the google search.
  • Link building helps the indexing faster on the major search engine.
  • It keeps connecting with users and makes your blog more popular.
  • Bring more traffic to your website.
  • Backlinks improve the domain authority.
How to produce a quality inbound link for the website? where you offer an article with your website link.
  • Write quality content.
  • Avoid optimized anchor text.
  • Offer a good information for your users in your article.
  • You don’t add only your website link, also insert the high authority link in your article.
  • Insert an image when you submit an article.

Why did I write those pieces of knowledge?

I used to do I would have written at the beginning which you submit an article in the list of article submission websites, but I have discussed the above pieces of information for the following purpose, keep in mind link-building gives two major things (1) Good (2) bad.

If you don’t handle in the right way, article submission websites can hurt your site ranking on search engine, It’s a big concern for link building and you must learn this information before submitting the article. At the same time, we discovered some rules that never will harm your website ranking for creating such an authority backlink. Always you must learn seo if you are a beginner we have written for you a guide.

Here is the list of top article submission websites: 


You can share your knowledge with millions of people, writing tools are wonderful with easy to edit just insert an image and publish your article instantly, it’s free to write anything that you love. Medium likes who are a quality writer, as a reader, read from thousands of quality author.

Website information:

Global rank: 257

Rank in united states: 143

Total visitor: 520.5M

Organic search: 51%


Linkedin is a social platform, where many people share ideas, knowledge, story but most of the people do not know where to publish an article in Linkedin offers to publish your think which you can review anything it may be your product. Also, it allows to write for free and approval is instant.

You have to sign up just go to, finish your sign up process and verify your email and phone number, After sign in your account, look like this

linkedin article

Click on write an article and then publish your article instantly.

Website information:

Global rank: 32

Rank in united states: 11

Total visitor monthly: 2.850B

Organic search: 24%


If you a professional writer then Hubpages is the right place to submit an article or any review, but you must make high-quality content and they check manually before publishing your article in Hubpages. It’s an open community where you can discuss everything and share pictures, videos etc. If you are not able to submit the high-quality article then you should hire a quality-writer from the fiver.

Website information:

Global rank: 10,258

Rank in united states: 3,568

Total visitor monthly: 2.94M

Organic search: 47.01%


The archive is a well-known website on the internet, they are non-profit organization also, they provide the digital library for free. You can share your ideas, books, article etc. It’s easy to use just select a text file and upload to

Also can be uploaded audio, video, image and write an awesome review.

Website information:

Global rank: 260

Rank in united states: 224

Total visitor monthly: 98.05M

Organic search: 38.31%


Storia is a social media platform, the goal is to serve high-quality content to users, whether you submit an article and users will get useful data from you.

You can join easily to just sign up with Facebook or Google once you finished sign up process then instantly you can use, write content and publish an article in immediately.

Website information:

Global rank: 80,868

Rank in turkey: 2,425

Total visitor monthly: 1M

Organic search: 36.43%


If you are an owner of website or E-commerce store you can ahead by link building and can increase the website rank on search engine, creating backlink using article submission website is indispensable and it helps to grow your online business to new level, whereas users confidence on google search, if you can make a keyword on the google first page instantaneously your website trust flow will be increased.

Also, you need quality content and easy to read when you submit an article, the thing is that you have to pay attention to what information I write will it benefit the people?

If people do not get benefit from your information, they will not spend the time to read the full article, for this reason, you should need to make a guide or tutorial and then submit your article on the top-level website, cause people so much love to solve the problem using tutorial.

I added a list of the top-level article submission websites, if you publish articles on those websites I am sure, the website ranking will increase, in this way you can boost your website traffic 100%.

If you have a question please comment us, we will help to grow your website traffic and your suggestion will be appropriate to improve our quality writing.

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