Best SEO Guide for Beginner Learn Crazy Tips

Seo (Search Engine Optimization) is the most important while you are a newbie because it will help to find out your website in google search results. Because without SEO a website or blog does not have a value. Most people find out content by the search engine. It’s a free resource for generating traffic.

If you are not an expert or newbie you need to learn the basic search engine optimization. I believe you are interested in the training and this the right place you came to learn about SEO.

Today, we will provide you best basic guide and methods as easy to take in your knowledge what we made for you from our practices, so let start now.

Basic SEO beginner guide:

What is the SEO?

Meaning of the SEO is: search engine optimization. The website has properly optimized by quality content, user-friendly, good web server and backlink, Its a process of getting targeted traffic from search engine.

Why do We learn the SEO?

Before I had said in the first paragraph, It’s such a way of driving quality traffic to the website for free. Meanwhile, we learn something new rather than we have two purposes for SEO.

Either, I want to be an SEO expert whether I will serve SEO services to other people and they will pay money for that. Another intention is that I have a website and want to improve the rank in google. A website has ranked well in google sure, it’s a possibility to make money.

Important knowledge For SEO:

Google index:

Google index means google spider or bot visits using a particular URL for a web page to receive information about content. If a website follows google policies as Google stores this URL in web server to index.

A bot may check your content structure before adding to the search engine. As a result, when we search for a keyword in google we see many results appears because google accurately classified this URL.

What is the web Crawler?

It’s such type of internet bot visits all the websites of the world to index the web page it’s called as a spider. All search engines use this bot including google.

Search Engine Optimization:

 Best SEO Guide for Beginner Learn Crazy Tips

Before beginning A blog you must ask yourself some question:
  • Am I able to serve high-quality content to my visitors?

That user gets helpful information from me. it’s a serious concern for any blogger who requires to launch the blog.

  • Can I grant the security for my website?

Security is a big issue for online, Google dislikes who does not care about the safety of the website. Suppose After starting a website if a hacker can break the security, as a result, Google will remove or give an alert for this website.

  • Is your website user-friendly for desktop or mobile?

Recently, Google changed their policies if your website does not have user-friendly with desktop or mobile as they will not display the website on the search engine, Even if they index your site in search.

  • Can you update new content daily?

Time is a factor for any works when you have opened a blog you have to give many times. It’s a momentous object that google every time sees as what is the new content of your website. If you update every day, as a result, your website will gain high ranked. In case if are not able to compose new post daily then deliver a post after 2 or 3 days.

Sure, you are agreed with me. These questions come when you create a new blog, after completing this now we will talk after opening the blog what should I need to start for Google SEO.

Does Your Website on google?

You are expecting whether you will get thousands of visitors from the search engine, Oh sounds are great but before receiving visitor you should require to finish some works.

You can check simply type your domain name in google or search “”. If you notice your website in google then it’s well also if the search engine does not show the website you just need to follow some tips.

Here are some possibilities why Google did not add your site:
  1. Just a few days, you started blog or website, Still google bots did not get time to crawl the website. You wait some more times.
  2. Your website has not any backlink. Post your website on all social media also post on the high-quality website maybe google will index quickly.
  3. Google perceive the error when search engine bot crawls your website. it may your website design is difficult where the bot cannot access.

If you tired of this three opportunity and you are not capable to solve this problem till now, don’t be a worry. Here is another option where you can solve this issue.

Just Go to and search ”add URL to google” then click on this link and just place your website link in the box and click on submit a request. You have to wait hours even one day or 2 days.

We got three details following from our writing:

(1) SEO knowledge that we learned basic words that Google used.

(2) indexing website in google.

(3) We will talk now how can google increase your website rank in search.

SEO GUIDE FOR increasing the rank:

Anybody quest for ranking well on google search results. None can able to increase the rank within a month even 5 or 4 months. Google delivers some constraint when you want to enhance the position of the website on search results. you require to proceed the guide according to google best practice.

You desire that is the hassle as you don’t want to work on SEO topics. in addition, You want to achieve the rank without any action.

Is it possible? of course, yes you need to hire a SEO professional worker for doing this job and you will pay for this. Also, they will build backlink and write your website content as you want. Consequently, you need to spend huge money.

Here are two part of SEO:

  • On Page SEO.
  • Off page SEO.
What is the on-page SEO?

On page, SEO is: It’s a multiplicator where website optimization is controlled by you. For example title, meta tag, description, adding a link one post to another post etc. Further, on page optimization is an effective and good prospect for getting the high rank.

On page SEO topics checklist:

You must learn as much as possible.

  1. Proper WordPress theme or design for your website, blog.
  2. Homepage title.
  3. meta tag
  4. Insert responsive meta tag.
  5. keyword research.
  6. How to insert good title for the post.
  7. How to write quality article.
  8. Quality description and implant more keywords.

As more insert properly heading, bold, italic, bulleted list, numbered list, insert link etc.

Now a days, Saying from my experience if you have done accurately these works a webmaster completed half of the optimization of your website.

What is the OFF page SEO?

Off-page SEO is a special value and most interest part of the SEO. For example, Posting your website link to another site such as Facebook share, twitter share or inserting the link in the forum, article website etc.

These activities are called as a backlink. also, it increases the ranking on the google search. But keep remembering, posting your website link only to authority website, blog, forum highly recommended.

Here are some SEO tips for backlink:

Link Authority: it means that how much produce the backlink to your site in addition, that you have posted a link on other website and this website is how much authority.

Before posting your website link must check the authority or popularity, In this some components here are:

  • What is the attribute of the backlink page?
  • Anchor text.
  • It’s the most priority that, what is the relationship between your site content and backlink website, Of course, there must be matches both of them.
  • Don’t comment on low-quality site.
  • Don’t generate so many profile link.

There are so many factors so another days I will explain. You must follow these before becoming skilled in SEO.


Finally, in most cases, peoples are very inactive to do hard work. There are such characters, they do not care about these things.

In Seo, before commencing or already you have started SEO job then must check what I wrote for you. if you break these rules then never your site will not become ranked in google.

We are doing hard work for you. Share our post with your friends or family And if you need help please comment us we will help you to start. Thanks to everyone for reading.

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