Best WordPress Plugins Must Install For Blog or E-Commerce

Best WordPress Plugins Must Install For Blog or E-Commerce. Plugins are very important for the success of WordPress blog.

So blogging or e-commerce websites can be made better by selecting the plugin in the right way.

Looking at the long list of many plug-ins by Google search, There is the doubt that which is best plugins will we choose. We will consider some of the important plugins without too many searching. By examining and reviewing these, we will describe you step by step. One more thing I would say is that there are many websites where long plugins lists are unnecessary. If all plugins are installed then your WordPress blog or website may be slow. You need to install the plug-ins that are very important if it is not installed.

Best WordPress Plugins Must Install For Blog or E-commerce

  1. Yoasta Seo Plugin.

    Best Seo Pluging yoasta

    One of the most popular plugins is Yoasta Seo. More than a million installs. Plugin can improve your website in google search, Of course you have to install plugins if you want to improve in SEO, By doing so you can analyze the post such as your post image or focus keyword, focus keyword length, readability, meta tag, h1 tag, XML sitemap, etc.. If you follow these plugin tips that are good, then I’m sure that your website or blog Google will make a rank within a few months.

  2. W3 Total Cache. W3 Total Cache For WordPress blog

    Search engines measures, a website’s loading speed i means if your website or blog is loading faster more, then Google will rank this type of site. There are many plugins to increase the loading speed, among them the most popular plugin is W3 Total Cache. You must definitely install it.

  3. Limit Login Attempts.

    Its the most important for the security of blog because many hackers want to hack your blog’s username and password. So you can increase security by using Limit Login Attempts.

  4. WooCommerce.

    WooCommerce for selling goods
    WooCommerce is a Great Plugin 1 Million Plus Install This is a popular WordPress e-commerce plugin. If you sell the T-shirt or sell any type of product, then you must install this plugin. Then you can apply for a cart such as 2 checkouts etc. This plugin is best for business or to sell any kind of things.

  5. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GAWP). Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP).

    Where the visitor of the blog came from and To know their needs or To improve the blog more SEO strategy Basically we use different types of plugin. Among them, the most popular plugin is GADWP. Https:// to sign in first and then you will get some codes from to use in GADWP for tracking blog or product, With this, you can easily see visitor strategy in your wp dashboard. Also, you can use a better plugin like OptinMonster and it shows where your visitors’ location or conversion rate, page referral, search engines analytics stats, etc.

  6. Sucuri. Sucuri web base security company

    I have discussed before plugin the limit logging attempts. Now I’ll discuss a few things in the sucuri security. This plugin is a premium based that means you can protect the WordPress site by spending money. sucuri is web-based security company This plug-in can protect you from malware, DDoS or any type of cyber attack where your website or computer will remain safe. A good part of this plugin will increase your website’s loading speed and also have the ability to protect pinging from bot traffic And if you do not buy then you can use the free version.

  7. WordPress Popular Post.

    If the blog is beautifully design One of the few things that is extremely important is one of them, the most popular posts are to be kept on the right side of the blog. We gave you the idea of this plug-in cause its easy to use for us and most popular plugin.

  8. Social warfare. wordpress social post share plugin

    Social marketing is needed for a web site We use many Social plugins for sharing blog posts, In this plugin, you will get many beautiful buttons, it shows a number of shares, popular posts of a widget, twitter card, social analytics etc. There are two versions (1) Free (2) Paid version. you can use if you want the free version.

  9. WordPress Page Builder. wordpress free page builder

    You want to create a beautiful page It can be a specific web page like a landing page. For those who do not have any idea about coding HTML, there is a WordPress page builder plugin for them. We can easily create a page through the drag-drop options.

  10. BackupBuddy.

    If the site is attacked or lost for some reason or forgot the content, then the recovery is required. Because you can not lose your business. You can easily recover by installing Backupbuddy.


My point is, do not install an unnecessary plugin, All the plugins are very important, except for one or two. If you search Google recently, there are a lot of plugin lists and it is said all plugins are good. But you must avoid as much as possible to install. If necessary, install from good sources after seeing the quality of plugins. If not installed any plugin that we listed you can install it. We hope you will enjoy many benefits from this article. If you like, share it with friends. If you want to take help from us, you must comment. We are here to help you.


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