Digital Marketing Tools Tips And Techniques For SEO

Every online digital marketer wants to increase the sales, but the content or product should disseminate to the whole world. I am sure, you have read many articles to get knowledge ‘how to do properly online marketing’ but in this article, you will find some different information for digital marketing tools list with tips and methods. You must read the full post first to last.

Modern technology has improved at this moment, Since we may not even know where to touch the next era of time. From at this time, if we look 28 years ago when just digital marketing was developed. We see how technology has changed our life from business to other things.

What should you need to learn to start digital marketing?

It’s the main challenge of digital marketing that many people are suffering this same problem. For example, you can consider, when you sell something physically using the shop, then you need to hire people for marketing your product, also require tools such as machine, car etc.

Is possible without it?

In online marketing, you need digital tools to communicate with customer same as offline physical marketing. Once upon a time, it is impossible to get success in your online business without marketing materials, that I will discuss.

How to solve the problem for digital marketing?

Do you know 84% online marketer fails, because they could not reach to the targeted customer. Are you worried to hear? that will I able to perform in the competition of market?

No, You don’t be worry, but you need to study ‘how to use properly’ digital marketing tools. I am sure, only the right tools can assist your trouble easily.

Are you waiting to learn ?

Here is a list of online digital marketing tools for seo.

You must use that i provided tips and techniques for your success in 2018

Keyword Research.

You need to analyze keyword before planning a post, you have to see many different keyword phrases and select one of them. it will be the lot an easier to get the rank in google search, without kw research do you think is it possible to achieve your website rank in google first page? No, it’s impossible.

Keyword Research tools

Why is keyword research significant for a website?

When someone type keywords in google I mean, Kw suggests the search engine locate the most proper results for users. Google gives priority for which website is old and well optimized for SEO. The keyword is the most important part of the SEO, driving traffic depends on the keyword research, if you target high difficulty keywords customers will not know about your product. I give an example, ‘headphone’ You want to target this keyword. Look at this image.

google keyword search

Do you think it’s a possibility to get rank?

Let me explain, you will never get the rank meanwhile high authority websites rank has taken place in google search results. There is a matter, the headphone is the main keyword, if anyone wants to target this, you should require to mix some words with headphone.

How to find the most relevant keywords?

Long tail keywords make chances for gaining rank in major search engine, you started an SEO campaign as a new venture. The method just searches in google ‘headphone’

Some words are added to the main product keyword as well as, buy, review, cheap, best, purchase, sell etc. Our purpose is to identify the most relevant keywords, so look ‘buy headphone’ Cheap headphone’ is the second phase of the main keyword check image bellow.

Google keyword research tools adwords

Only we will look relevant keywords for the second phase, not for headphone, suppose buy cheap headphone under 100$, the best cheap headphone for music etc.

Do you understand?

its an easy method works on every product, you can apply and search to see these keywords. Here is a list of the keywords research tools for digital marketing.

Google AdWords – keyword research tools:

its a best tools for an expert and beginner, also it can be used for free, where you will get keywords idea, volume, country. You can search for multiple keywords with several languages by selecting google and search partners. Some features are:

Relevance keywords idea, an example is if you search ‘SEO’ it will show the most proper keywords list for SEO.

  • Average monthly search volume, you will know about your keywords that how many searches by selecting different time.
  • You will understand how your keywords are difficult as a high, low, medium.


it is a keyword tool where they generate thousands of keyword accurately for your business. Also, they show ideas for popular and long tail keywords.


it’s an advanced paid version keyword tool, enhance your website ranking in search results using low competition keywords which longttailpro will advise for you with more faster way.


it’s not an only keyword finder tools also it indicates signal which keywords are easy to rank.

2. SEO Tools

We have to solve some question before starting, check below.

I think you are already known, nowadays google does not figure only on backlink for the ranking website. It depends on so many factors such as backlink, well writing article, user-friendly and high-performance website etc.

Some question you need to learn.

QUE: High-quality backlink can rank the website into google?

ANS: Yes, the quality backlink from high authority website certainly can increase the rank, but you should need to make by your own hand, according to Google guidelines.

QUE: Can I buy backlink for my website?

ANS: Yes, You can buy backlink from your trusted partner otherwise, your website will be penalized by the search engine.

QUE: How can I improve my website ranking in the search engine?

ANS: This is the hard question in 2018, but if you follow two or three words it’s from my own personal experience, I am sure, you will achieve success (1) create high-quality content (2) make high authority backlink (3) Monitor SEO campaign with tools

QUE: Do I need to use any tools for SEO?

ANS: Yes, of course, every webmaster uses different tools for SEO.



Its a very proper tool for analyzing your backlink, search traffic, competitor and niche monitor. Ahrefs can help to boost your website traffic showing your competitors backlink, also you can see why they did get the rank for an individual link, By seeing these you will be able to apply easily in your SEO campaign.


Large or small website can use this SEO tool some features are:

  • Perform seo audit for entire website.
  • Keyword position tracker and you know easily which keywords are getting ranked.
  • Are you running ppc (pay per click) ads? Semrush can solve this problem by analyzing your ads.
  • Social media analysis


Your attention is for building effective SEO campaign, which will solve your major dilemma with minimum effort, Moz SEO tool provides a great solution to determine which keyword is good to rank, Also can be checked backlink analysis, keyword difficulty, keyword research etc.

Tips And methods :

If you do not start SEO campaign for your website till now, it’s the best time to launch immediately right now.

First step > Choose any backlink checker tool.

The second Step > Take a popular website to analyze backlink strategy, for example, a keyword like a search in Google ‘best cheap earphones 2018’ find the authority website and analyze with SEO tool, see which backlink they created and take this link to post in those websites where they posted website link.

it’s an important issue for getting rank just try medium or low volume keyword, Moz shows difficulty score for which keywords are easy to rank, it’s a simple task you can do with Moz.

Free Backlink Checker tools.

Those three tools are premium version. if you don’t like to buy, check three free backlink checker tools:


Website performance check.

Recently, Google changed their policy for page speed and performance of a website, speed will be a measure to get the rank in the google search. If any website loading is slow more than recommended by Google, it can kill the ranking in google search term.

Check your website loading time that Google recommended here are some tools :

PageSpeed Insights By Google.

You can check website easily just put URL in box and click on analyze button. If google page speed shows your website optimization is good then it’s ok, but it shows low then you need to improve website performance what Google recommended for fixing this problem.

website performance check

Here is some more advanced tool to check website loading speed.

  • Run audit > just open chrome browser > enter > right click on the page click inspect and then you need click right corner ”>>” another click on audit. Chrome lighthouse will show you whats the problem behind for slower page speed.

Check best seo friendly wordpress theme

Website friendly Test.

Do you know mobile users are continuously increasing more than any other devices, Google has planned to improve mobile user experience, in past few years Google has prevented so many websites who have offered the poor experience for a mobile user. So you need to check your website is mobile friendly.

  • : Go to this url and check your website is mobile friendly or not.
  • Website structure data testing tools :

Yoast seo for WordPress:

This plugin helps to boost any website in the search engine with friendly. Yoast plugin tells to do what is wrong on your website and how to fix SEO related problem, also can be added the website easily with google webmaster tools with yoast.

When you write an article, Yoast plugin shows the score of readability and copy score also they recommend everything that Google wants.

Some More helpful tools.

Google Analytics —

Canva. Online image editor tool for blogger. They offer CDN, DNS, DDOS Protection as well as they provide security service for your website.

Social Media.

Do you know every digital marketer uses social media? 60-70% business owner spends huge time, but why they waste time and money on the social network? If you look at the USA, 81% American uses the social network. You must think, there are a lot of better opportunities to drive traffic from the social network.

social media tools

You must remember, Social media link is not counted for the Google ranking factor, but it provides a ranking signal for your website, I mean it increases your website authority in a search engine.

There are several tools for social media, where you can track your activity every single time, So here is some list for you.


They present best social media services for your online business, your job is just to create a post, after making a post, they will manage everything scheduling and reporting, also you can track your every social traffic and know how is ROI from paid media.


if you are looking to manage all social profile in one, the ideal platform is buffer, they deliver all necessary tool to boost your social media traffic such as an extension for a browser, mobile apps, social analytics and image creator tools. Buffer offers 3 social media profile for free to use, Initially, you can test the platform using the free version.


It’s such a tool where you can discover new content and research your competition and know what they work for getting visitors, buzzsumo ensure you providing data faster for social media If you search in buzzsumo they will find out the most social shared content for you.


Those tools are very helpful for every webmaster, where you can build your own strategy to expand the business to the whole world. Search engine optimization is a fundamental base for any online marketing, you must improve and learn SEO and then you work in social media, email marketing etc.

Always worthy content makes a good position, when you get better results then you should invest huge time and money. The first step, to enhance your visibility in online you need to use the right tools that I suggested, it confirms your success. I hope you will enjoy better today.

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