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Hostwinds Review 50% OFF Discount Coupon Code

Today our review is about hostwinds web hosting you will get the special discount including the couponThey provide great web hosting service. It built first time in 2010 and now they are exploding.

Keep remember customer satisfaction is a key to success for any business which they do the work as what you want.

Hostwinds does not consider you are just a customer but they think as a family member. Also, most of the people want to get cheap and reliable web hosting service and it’s not a matter also Hostwinds provides affordable hosting package.

They offer to you almost all services, i means if buy only web host package you don’t move for any other service such as the domain name, SSL, VPS, etc.

Why hostwinds is better :

Any company or person gives the quality service I assume that it’s the main factor for the attraction of customer. here is the list why hostwinds is better:

  • The quality server which increases the website speed.
  • Customer satisfaction is a key of the company.
  • Live support 24 hours with the chat and phone call.
  • Money back guaranteed within 60 days. if you like none of the service can cancel anytime also they ask nothing.
  • Hardware is up to date which bring the service more efficient for a user.
  • Hostwinds does not offer the only web hosting package also they give all of the services such as shared package, dedicated server, VPS, SSL, domain, reseller, Linux, SEO tools, VPN, mine craft Servers.

Hostwinds Review 50% OFF Discount Coupon Code

Now take your offer hostwinds 50% off today on our website

Hostwinds Review 50% OFF Discount Coupon Code
Hostwinds Review 50% OFF Discount Coupon Code
50 % Off Coupon code any hosting package only for new customer 2018

Keep remembering 99% OFF  Coupon code offer is not a valid I contacted the hostwinds support team they told me this offer is not valid now.

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Shared Hosting

Firstly, we will show the shared hosting package you can compare the plan see the image below.

Features : 

it has 3 package (1) Basic (only one domain) (2) Advanced (only 4 domain)  (3) Ultimate Unlimited domain name.

Bandwidth and disk space are unlimited for all package.

Also, all packages has instant setup, brand new cpanel, softaculous apps, transfer website is free.

there is no limit for all package unlimited sub-domain, MySQL database, FTP accounts, email accounts and you will get one free, dedicated IP address.



If your blog or business is bigger than small, then you should need the business web hosting look the image of price per package.


Also, it has 3 packages (1) basic (Hosting only one domain) (2) Advanced (only 4 domains) (3) Ultimate (unlimited domain name).

it has extra some features and you would like including lite speed web server, MySQL optimized for performance and state solid drivers. As well, your website will run more than 5x speed.


If you want to establish your own web hosting business, then it’s an ideal platform for reselling hosting. See the image for price per plan.


Your package will give unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth including all major features. Also, full access of panel it can be made to independently account for clients.


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Windows VPS Hosting

I have used the hostwinds windows VPS I say it’s an excellent service. You will get windows managed and unmanaged with SSD to see the price below.

they provide 100% satisfaction guarantee with 1 GB ports. Also, you will receive Robust & Secure, run your own windows copy, nightly backup, fully management, instant, DDOS protection.

Further Their more services like Linux VPS with managed and unmanaged, cheap domain name, SSL certificates, etc.

Dedicated Server

If your blog or website is larger and your website visitors is huge, then you should need the dedicated server which will give faster more than any other services.

Here is the price of a dedicated server see…

They provide unique dedicated service where will get 4 packages with fully managed services including 8 IPs (5 usable).

Dedicated server means the computer does not share with any other people like you are the owner of a computer which will run the computer faster. Starting price is $75 there is 4 plan I have compared other web hosting company but the price is cheap.

Cloud Hosting

it’s very important when you run the website or any application purpose for faster running. A cloud server is called a virtual server and will be to control remotely. Price starting just 4.99$ monthly as your service is ready within 30 seconds.

see the price….


  • Just ready for multiple location.
  • Various operating system with pre-made application just select and install.
  • Priority customer service.
  • Custom pre-built template.
  • Encrypted connection it increases security from hackers.
  • Data is safe from losing they give the various backup system

There is almost all services that you will get amazing support and faster service.


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Conclusion :

we have written the article based on the internet it may be wrong in our ideas. Personally, I use hostwinds web hosting service for my other blog.

In addition, I can say it’s amazing service also I have none single problem, as a result, we provided the coupon code for 50% discount.

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