How Did i Blogging Start its my first online journey

How Did i Blogging Start its my first online journey

Thanks to everyone,  So be inspired To Create A wordpress blog. For a few days, I have thought To Start A Blog. Everyone has the dream that I will work on the internet and earn money. I will write a few topics here, through which you can be inspired to open a blog.
The way I started: I begin thinking about how to open a good blog and I found a lot of blogs by Google search, where they make a lot of money by posting good quality (affiliate link).


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Seeing that I am very impressed that I also opened a blog. I have been working (cpa marketing) since 2011. So I had a good idea how to open a blog, which I can give people the idea of blogs content and SEO, coupons Codes, unknown things, useful website list, tutorials etc. So it’s not easy you have to be very patient to earn money using blog. I will discuss a lot of posts on this blog and I will talk later step by step.

How Did i Blogging Start its my first online journey Bellow

How Did i Blogging Start its my first online journey
how did blogging start This is First Post

First Step I purchased a domain and good quality hosting:

I elected domain name Let’s start with that. The main things to chose for the hosting plan is that:

(1) How long is the business of hosting company?

(2) Do they have their own servers? Because there are many hosting companies who buy a dedicated server from large companies and re-sell it again and earn a lot of money. For which you spend a lot of money without knowing. The server’s re-sources is very small because it uses a lot of people sharing on the same server for which the web site is slow. So you can buy shared hosting or WordPress hosting from good quality big companies.

(3) What kind of package do they have to see? Many packages have limited or unlimited . In my opinion, buying unlimited package is good.
(4) Do they have live chat 24/7? Whenever I need a problem I can communicate with them. Then, I finished making the website with WordPress.

Notice the security of the blog:

I noticed day-to-day hunting of WordPress site hacks. Before, that I also got hacked. I changed the WordPress log in so that the security of my website is even more. I have installed some security plugins that I hope to discuss the other day. (So I’ll be doing more research on my blog posting better and better content.)

Create your First Blog:

Finally, many people like think me, what will I write, how to open a blog, what content will I give? How do I link to affiliate? Through which we will earn money. Without thinking about it, start slowly and see if everything will be okay. But details can be discussed later. i recommend to choose

First you buy domains, buy good quality hosting. And if you need help, please tell me. ( gradually I am trying to learn the professional language)

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