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How to attract WordPress blog design and content writing

How to attract WordPress blog design and content writing Introduction: The best way to blogging is a WordPress blog. The more attractiveness of the blog such as the web design or content, the visitors of your website will be happy to buy something or they will visit every day for better content.

The key to success in a blog: Good content and blog arrangement. The better way we will write, our Web site will improve in Google Search Rankings.

How to attract WordPress blog design and content writing

There are two things needed to organize the blog: 1. Web Design 2. Quality content writing

First of all, we will discuss web design. If you are a good web designer and there is no word you can arrange a beautiful design for your favorite website.

How to attract WordPress blog design and content writing
How to attract WordPress blog by design and content writing

If you are not a web designer or newbie in WordPress blog please check to create WordPress blog in 3 step, then you have a few things to look forward to:

  • Choose a good theme that can be customized manually.
  • Create your logo. If you do not know the logo design will be able to design you have to spend money.
  • Make your menu bar beautifully so readers can identify your category.
  • The right side widgets will be beautifully featured with popular posts and recent posts. Add a more widget below with categories and email subscriber.
  • Install ”WordPress Popular Posts” Plugin.
  • Install plugin for related posts
  • Add Social Share icons to the above post so the visitors can easily share a post if he gets any help from your post.
  • Add pages to your blog above or below  “about or terms and conditions or disclaimer page.

How To write better content:

Good content can make your blog a lot more famous. If the visitor does not get any quality information, then they will leave after a few times. Depending on the subject of the blog, select a popular topic. If you also expect good ranking in search engine, you must have plenty of good contents to get traffics or leads from your visitor. The rules of search engine they will penalize website or blog who is copying content. For quality content, Google will reward your website a lot of ranking on search engines.

How to attract WordPress blog design and content writing

Below the subjects are given below for quality contents:

  • Identify the topics what you write about.
  • Choose a good title and research how many readers are on this topic.
  • Make a post a day or two on the blog.
  • Write simple language so that the readers can easily understand.
  • Answer the questions in writing and write your own opinion.
  • Write short paragraphs part by part so the visitors can get information.
  • Make a picture in the writing.
  • If there is a problem with writing article then should take knowledge from searching google and re-write it. But it should not be duplicated in some way.
  • Exhibit readers to post and comment.

In order to become successful with a blog, design and content are very important. You will try to write beautifully. Success in everything comes to how much you can be patient. Slowly start though making a mistake in you are writing, then one day everything will be okay. Hope you have a happy day. If there are any mistakes in writing to us then let us tell you that we will fix our blog for your success, you need a lot of cooperation. Please join our facebook page



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