How To Start A Free Blog Guide And Tutorial

If you want to start a free blog I will pick the, you are a newbie in blogging this is the simple platform to begin a free blog.

Google proposes creating a free blog with their domain also, you can buy a domain name later from google and you will be able to add this domain in easily.

Numerous companies offer to open a free blog such as WordPress, tumbler, Wix but google blog is a beneficial option.

If you need an advanced website or blog where you want to customize blog as you want, the ideal platform is WordPress. We have written a simple guide for you to start WordPress blog within 3 step.

Facilities of the google blogger Blogspot platform :

You will receive many benefits using in addition, Google is reliable for any kind of product and multi-billionaire company, you can understand what server they can use although it’s free to create a blog. 

The certain advantage of google are:

  • You don’t require to spend any single penny to start a blog.
  • The easy interface like pre-made theme where you will get a system of property and you can make design what you desire.
  • If you want to serve AdSense on your google blog, it’s easy to apply, they will approve quickly because the blog is hosted on Google platform where you do not need the fill up all requirements.
  • Blogspot platform has been created for SEO friendly.
  • Add a custom domain name when you need. Furthermore, the domain can be purchased directly from Google.
  • If you want to host your domain name in any other free hosting you have to repay money for using hosting, it may after 1 year or after running the blog, besides on google blog you don’t need the necessity paying money.

How To Start A Free Blog Tutorial :

Creating a blog is straightforward and follow our guide step by step we will explain:

What should I need to start?

Basically, you don’t need anything just need a google account. if you have an already account its okay, if you don’t have create an account on it’s the easy process.

Should I be a professional?

No, you won’t be a professional just need the strength of mind. If you apprehend English its enough to begin but if you don’t know? you won’t be the worry, you can start your own language by targeting the audience of your own country.

let start to our work : 

Just go to sign in with your username and password if you have an already account on Gmail. Here is the screenshot: Click On ”Create Your blog”

After signing you will be redirected to Hereafter, we will click on ”create new blog” dashboard look like :

then we will write awesome blog ‘title’ afresh we will choose domain address for a blog and you should know 6 tips for the domain name meanwhile you choose.

There are available some themes we will take one of them.

See the image :

After completing all step ultimately, we are able to make just click ‘create a blog’ and our blog is live now and ready for posting any sort of content.

How to create a blog post: 

The post is essential for any kind of blog but you must select the better content or niche, which will be enchanting for your audience or visitor.

Click on the new post where I marked for you in the image…

First, give a terrible post title and then write the description of this post, by which way the user comprehends the new advantage from your post.

Second, insert an image in the center of the post. Also prepare the post editing what you need such as insert heading or subheading, bold, italic, underline. In such way its an important edition for the search engine optimization. I captured a screenshot while we are writing.


Summary Of Dashboard Option :

After, achieving all of the work that we introduced those to you. We are now proceeding to start another section of the dashboard.

Blog stats: You will get the statistic where you can view the stats of the page as daily, monthly, yearly. Also, you will know where is your visitor referral come from I mean traffic sources or geolocation by country.

Comment: This is the comment section of your blog, whither can approve or delete the comment.

Earning: Its a Google Adsense publisher dashboard, if you have Adsense publisher account you will see how many clicks and money i got from Adsense.  

You have to make quality ten or twenty post and bring the visitor to your website after you can demand Adsense account.

Layout: Using this feature can set the blog structure excellently whereinto blog sidebar, post, footer area consequently can edit live managing theme designer.

Theme: That is the monumental matter where to your blog will be looking more proper. There are plenty of themes you can intend depending on your niche. You can upload a new Blogspot theme finding in the google search.

If you don’t want to start with a free blog then are you looking best web hosting and domain provider read our 5 best web hosting provider 2018.

Conclusion :

Just we have finished ”how to start a free blog on google” this tutorial is for beginner level which will help you to launch the web blog.

Later, We will talk about the SEO. We will study how we will bring the traffic to the website. Stay with us for the next topics. Facebook Or Twitter.

If you need any help from us please comment below, We will help the best regard.

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