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Just Host Review Is The Right Host

Just Host Review – Is The right Host? Read our article we also provide discount and coupon code 50% OFF for our user. Many web hosting company has a different offer but you are not able to decide which hosting company is the right for your website. We will discuss today, about the (Just host) review where you will get your own question.

Keep remembering, its an important for every user should choose the right hosting because it relies on the achievement of a website, for example, a server speed and SEO. These facilities, only you can benefit from perfect web hosting providers.

Just Host Review is The Right Host?

Everything has two qualities maybe that would be good or bad, You may do not like what I will like. So you’ve read many reviews in online about the just host. Now I will pick some good things why people host their website? You may also like Hostwinds Review a good web hosting company

    • They provide basically shared hosting or VPS and dedicated server for users.
    • Site builder with the variant template I mean you will able to build your website beautiful.
    • If anyone wants to run e-commerce website it’s an ideal platform where you will get all features for building an e-commerce site. Such important tools are free to use SSL certificate, the directory is protected using special security and hackers are not able to break, accept payment interface.
    • Control panel is user-friendly and easy to use with one click installer.
    • Just host has not WordPress managed hosting but they provide the service like managed web hosting. You can also install WordPress easily and their security is a top priority.
    • Simple app installs you do not be a professional for doing this work. also, they conduct install process with mojo marketplace.
    • Over 30000+ Website trusted the Just Host company.
    • Affordable service they offer to the user everybody is able to host the small and large website.

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Just Host Features :

  • Unlimited domain hosting in the same server that you can manage all in one.
  • Free Domain name when you register for 1 year.
  • after purchasing the service if you don’t like the just host service then you are able to cancel within 30 days.
  • Free instant setup with 24 hours dedicated support team. Unlimited disk space and bandwidth.
  • They supply unlimited free web script as much as the social networking platform, survey software, Drupal and Joomla, multimedia with streaming audio or video support.
  • Just host offer to you 100$ bonus credit advertising for your website using google or bing.

Server response time: while our checking just host web server speed we found A Grade.

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Some disadvantage of just host :

Also, we checked in online to find out the how is going just host service as we found some bad comment by the user.

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  • Web Server Issue:

One of them said, he did a question in online forum ”does anyone have experience” just host is a good hosting company? The user has two websites telling one of the sites is loading fast and another one is a little slow.

  • Contact support issue:

I have seen many comments that people are saying support is very bad but now I have communicated using live chat they reacted quickly.

I ask something to test how people are complaining their support team is the right or fake? I do not wait to one minute.

See the screenshot :

in my opinion, poor support issue time was at 2015-2017 but now I saw they are very responsible for the user. Also, support poor being solved now.

  • Limited Product :

It’s not a big problem but it can create such a problem. Have a look at hostwinds or GoDaddy there are available so many products and services. In just host is a limited number of the product only for who need the shared, VPS, dedicated hosting services but it’s not an ideal.

Just Host Web host Plan And Pricing

Just has 3 products and services we will discuss each plan and pricing :

  1. Shared web hosting.
  2. Vps hosting.
  3. Dedicated server.
  • Shared Hosting:

There are 4 plans basic, plus, prime and go pro have a look in the image.

In the basic plan, you will not get advertising offer google and bing and package is too much limited to use this plan. But you can test to see how will go the service with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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see the go pro plan:

Go pro plan is the effective service for large blog or company also server performance is good.

Vps hosting :

VPS hosting will be the powerful facilities when for your website is not enough to operate using shared hosting. VPS control will be in your own hand, can manage operating system, disk space, bandwidth also exactly handle the security and performance.

So should need the getting affordable VPS hosting is important which just host provide. On their website 4 major VPS package. see the image price and plan.

Visit Just Host

VPS hosting Features:
  • Just host is promised 100% to deliver server resources with managed service.
  • They Provide best cloud technology to improve the performance that delivers to the user more features and options.
  • Enhanced cPanel Control Panel
  • Instant setup no need to wait 1 or 4 hours.
  • Full access of root when you require to OS.

Dedicated Hosting :

Dedicated hosting is a better choice for a very comprehensive website that receives a large amount of traffic. Although its expense very high, it extends numerous benefits such as security, server stability, high performance, email, and control.

See the price


  • Instant setup.
  • Storage is mirrored information and data is protected.
  • server root access.
  • You can upgrade the storage easily.
  • Also, they offer dedicated expert support 24/hours.

So we talked about just host review also plan and pricing.

Is the recommended hosting company for your website from us?

At first, we have written some advantage and disadvantage of just host. already you have read this. Our view is, we researched about the just host, a few days that serving was not really proper that period was sine 2015 to 2017.

but now we see, they elevate the client support also server response time. Besides, just host needed to improve the server performance for shared hosting, many customers paying attention too.

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To our user, you have to tranquilize by reading our article you can buy or not so our review is fair we will not offer any unrated product or company, so make the right decision.

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