Methods How To Secure and Prevent WordPress Blog From Hackers

Methods How To Secure and Prevent WordPress Blog From Hackers Today, I will write some tips and methods to secure your WordPress blog. Nowadays it`s easy to hack any Wp blog if you do not care. Google everyday blacklists thousands of website for malware so you should need to take care of security for your blog. You have to do duly setting wp blog although you have no knowledge of HTML coding. Just follow our guides.

We will describe briefly

  1. Change default admin username to another name:

    Turn the wp-admin log-in username. Maximum of WordPress users have default name as ”admin” hackers effortlessly will be capable to hack entire website. You should require alternative username as WordPress does not accept to modify default username. There are two easy methods you should learn. (1) Install plugin its called ”username changer” (2) Update form “phpMyAdmin”

  2. Give a strong password:

    Don’t use just ”name with word” make a strong password you must use: 15 characters with uppercase letters, lowercase letters, symbols.

  3. Delete Any plugin or themes that you don’t need:

    Don’t install from unknown sources if themes and plugins are installed then remove it now. Check Our list SEO friendly themes list to improve your site.

  4. Regular update WordPress:

    100 of peoples are working to find a problem in WordPress if get any trouble they update software and resolve rapidly. Also, WordPress will send a notification, Instantly you should update software.

  5. Regular update themes and plugin:

    Themes and plugins imperative for WordPress also for protection. Every time you demand to improve user experience purpose for security.

  6. Scan entire home directory:

    Web hosting provider has a virus scanner every week you must scan entire home directory.

  7. Disable to edit any file:

    Go to web hosting cpanel > File manager > Public HTML > wp-config.php click edit and insert this line:
    // Disallow file edit
    define( ‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true );

  8. Edit your admin login area:

    Common log in area is www.yourdomainname.com/wp-admin hackers simply will get the wp-admin. If are not changed then your site is at risk. however, how you can change? we will give a short and easy guide here: Use plugin is called WPS Hide Login install the plugin and customize your own login area.

  9. Use Backup service:

    I will suggest using the BackupBuddy plugin. You can control to backup daily, weekly, monthly. It supports to store your file in Amazon s3 or Dropbox.

  10. Use security plugin:

    Fireofdeals.com advise using Sucuri website security plugin.

However, you can not do anything online without the security of the website. If you follow the guide correctly as we wrote you will not have to worry about security. You can sleep comfortably at night And your website will be safe from hackers. Our short article will help you more. Stay with us Facebook.com


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