Simple Guide How To Open WordPress Blog in 3 Steps

In this article, you will get  ” Simple Guide How To Open WordPress Blog in 3 Steps ” We will write here briefly so that you can easily understand.

What is the blog?

The meaning of the blog is: If you write information by which the users will be able to find any helpful information. His name is a blog.

Why do we blogging?

You should have a good attitude, that what I write should bring good benefits to the users. In a word, People can get the benefit. The benefit of people is of no benefit to me. Yes, You can make money by your writing such as earn money with advertisements. So if we can begin well, it will be beneficial for us as well as human beings. So we can start by choosing a great content writer. Brothers need to be patient. So we cannot lose our patience.

Can I earn money by opening a blog?

I really have no idea how I can earn money by blogging. This concept is common to come before blogging, but you have to stop thinking about it. First of all, we will know how to earn money or get more knowledge by searching Google.

Simple Guide How To Open WordPress Blog in 3 Steps

How to open a blog?

There are two ways to open a blog: (1) Free Blog (2) Paid Blog.

Free blog: Google’s popular free blogging method or several web hosting companies offer free WordPress blogging.
Paid Blog: You can start blogging by purchasing domains and hosting and this is the most traditional medium. There are a lot of free blogs for which you can not customize.

Simple Guide How To Open WordPress Blog in 3 Steps :

You need to buy web hosting you can check our best 5 Cheap web hosting + domain name free.

1st: pick a good domain name. The user can simply remember.
2nd: You have to buy a good quality package from a web hosting provider. Where your files are stored, pictures, plugins, etc. The features that should be for web hosting are:
Unlimited storage and bandwidth
Unlimited domains and subdomains
Unlimited database and email account and website backup service.
These features are needed for web hosting. You must see when buying web hosting package.
3rd: After buying web hosting package, send an email to you, where your login details will be how to login to cpanel, After logging in, click on your WordPress icon and install it.
Here 3 Web Hosting Company So you can choose one
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Cpanel Login: URL: www.yourdomain.com/cpanel
Simple Guide How To Open WordPress Blog in 3 Steps

“Your blog is ready. Now you can log in to WordPress> www.yourdomainname.com/wp-admin with username and password. Check out for a beautiful theme of your blog. go to the post in the right sidebar. Click the> New Post > make your first post.”

Login URL of WordPress admin dashboard


Simple Guide How To Open WordPress Blog in 3 Steps

Social media: You open a Facebook, Twitter, Google + Page with your blog name. create the post in your social media. update daily to engage more people.

“Let’s follow the steps I have written. Previously I posted How I did open of first blogging, Start the post by choosing the best content or niche. Avoid thinking regarding how the visitor will come by SEO. First Learn how to create the post, then consider SEO too. If you think of the visitor first you can not do anything.”

Conclusion: So whoever reads this post, please commence working from today. Slowly know everything those newcomers can take advice from us. Please share our post with everyone let others know. If you have any query to create blog or anything, please comment below we will assist. Good luck everyone!

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