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Trilliant ICO Review (TRIL Token) Crypto ATMS is Scam

Trilliant ICO Review: Cryptocurrency is now a very popular name, its exchanged with Blockchain Technology. One of the main problems of cryptocurrency is that when you convert it into dollars or other currencies, like a puzzling issue.

To solve this problem, a new company is already going to start its operations, the company’s main goal is to launch the ATM booths

The company will allow to buy a part or fully crypto ATM booth. Purchasing your ATM hardware ownership units you should need to buy Trilliant token using ico date.

Trilliant ICO Review (TRIL Token) Crypto ATMS is Scam

This company is a Trilliant token which will assemble 500 ATMs worldwide also it allows people to withdraw money through ATMs from cryptocurrency easily. Can be a part of the company by participating which we call ICO.

TrillianT token Business Objectives:

ATMs will be launched cryptocurrencies can be purchased or sold. Through the ico, the amount of money that will come to the company it will be spent in the ATM booth.

Information about:

Trill Token Country: Switzerland, Price 1 ETH = 800 TRIL.
Platform: Ethereum, Accepting: ETH When is purchased trill token they accept eth.
Soft cap: 2,500 ETH, Hard cap: 40,000 ETH, Whitelist/KYC: KYC & Whitelist

Trilliant token Team:

Sebastian Korbach Founder & CEO Trillian token. Younes Kalakhi (CTO), Andrei Zernov (COO), Janis Leudskrasts Developer Bruno Rovarotto Designer.

Experience of Ceo Trilliant Token :

He is the Financial Advisor of Zurikh area, Switzerland. Advisor of blockchain project Munikh Germany.

Also, he studied at EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht about the financial subject. Also Financial Services for Cryptocurrencies and -tokens, the team is good for blockchain project.

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Trillian token roadmap:

  • Before launching the trilliant project has a good road map they show to an investor.
  • Presale soon with various bonuses in Q3, 2018.
  • The main sale Will be opened for the public in Q3, 2018
  • TRIL will start the Industrial design for cryptocurrency atm and cooperation with Perto in Q3, 2018
    ATM Production Start Q4, 2018
  • Crypto ATM will be launched in Europe operating over 500 atm Date is Q1, 2019 It will be a very good project if they work a way of the road map.

Information about the website :

Many ico have started after a few days to run away with the money. People want to invest in cryptocurrency, but many people can not believe the website or the developers. Give a little information about this website so that you can make the right decision.

Alexa Rank: Website’s Global Rank 3,403,794

Owner of the website: We did not get any information.

Finally, most of the ico is the scam. We have given a little bit of information here. But trill token is a good company according to website information that we found.

If the company works according to the roadmap then those who will join in ico it will increase their investment a lot.

Small invest is better than any loses. So, you think about it. We hope you will be smart and verify the information, in my opinion, it’s not a look like a scam company.

What do you think? please write a comment we will publish what you write it will be helped by another person.

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