VLUX ICO (Verv) Review Energy Trading Protocol

VLUX token is based on Fuelling Peer 2 Peer Energy. Verv has gained significant attraction in the UK energy market since 2009.  The company has launched successfully the Verve Home Hub which scheme to enhance the blockchain trading platform for households and consumer to commerce electricity in peer to peer exchange.

VLUX Mission:

At one time there was no electricity, In the era of time people felt much trouble but today world has changed. People now get the electricity easily. The mission of Verv token is to reduce the electricity cost. Because energy cost day to day is rising vlux want people to find a renewable source and sell overplus energy power to other people with low price low carbon energy. see one more COTI ICO review written by our team.

Why should Invest?

This is the first new platform in the energy market using blockchain technology which will attract more investor. Gradually electricity sources such as oil, gas etc price are increasing due to the fact that its source is decreasing and an investor will be more attractive in a vlx platform where will trade energy. Therefore, the governments of Europe, America, and Asia are looking for renewable energy sources. Those who produce renewable energy will be able to sell additional energy to another person using this platform.

VLUX tested in UK market first blockchain based p2p energy trading platform on social housing at Hackney’s Banister in 2018 February with field trial, which goal is cheaper energy to the community and will take place trading in April 2018. See If want to invest in bitcoin mining this is the different platform.

Token information :

Price 1 VLUX = 0.5 GBP
Platform: Ethereum Accepting: ETH
Hard cap : 35,000,000 USD Country : UK Whitelist/KYC : KYC & Whitelist Restricted areas : USA, China

Official Website:

VLUX Road Map 2015-2019:

(1) 2015 Q1: Verv smart hub was created (2) Q2 2015: Verv accepted seed funding from Ignite (3) Q3 2016: VLX started experiment blockchain energy trading platform. (4) Q4 2017: £1.1million via equity raise on Crowdcube. (5) Q1 2018: Implementation of P2P Community in the UK. (6) Q2 2018: Technology Development. (7) Q3 2018: Engaging Early Adopters (8) Q4 2018: Product Development (9) Q1 2019: International Roll-out.

VLUX allocation :

Distributed in ICO: 70% Token
Reserved: 10%
Company: 20%

Funds Allocation :

Engineering, Software, R&D: 47%
Subsidised VHHs: 10%
Legal Costs: 8%
User Acquisition & Customer Education: 21%
Ongoing Operations & Admin: 9%
Contingency : 5%

NOTE: ICO is more risky or good profit before making any decision please do research your own way. We think VLUX Token is not a scam company. We only pick up the best ico.

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